Today, unprecedented changes are transforming every aspect of how people work and how companies hire. Our mission, at Management Recruiters of Miami-North, is to provide innovative staffing solutions specially designed to meet the unique challenges and needs these changes have created for your company.

Management Recruiters of Miami-North is the largest search and recruiting company in the world with more than 1,100 offices and sales topping $600 million. Our industry leadership role is based on an unparalleled record of innovation and service. Throughout all those innovations, we have been guided by one overriding principle - to effectively respond to our client's changing staffing needs. That is why, at Management Recruiters of Miami-North we have created an organization capable of providing a comprehensive menu of staffing solutions for all of our client's needs.

Management Recruiters of Miami-North, its office support personnel affiliate - Office Mates5, and its temporary/interim personnel branches - InterExec/DayStar have been in business in this area for over 26 years. Our list of clients, locally, nationally and internationally is very impressive and includes many Fortune 100 companies and industry leaders.

Our office has several Account Executives who specialize in specific industries and/or areas such as International Assignments, Sales/Marketing, Finance/Administration, Data Processing/Information Technology, Engineering/Architectural Services/Construction, Manufacturing, etc. They know the ins and outs of their specialized areas. They will find the right professional for your company.

We also have access to our network of over 1,100 offices; other specialist in our worldwide network could help us find the best person for your firm anywhere in the world, if necessary.

Our office, in partnership with our Corporate Client Services Group, can help you when your company is in need of recruiting and hiring many professionals, nationwide and all of them at the same time, because of expansion, launching of new products, or establishing new markets.

Management Recruiters of Miami-North can be your company's source for all your staffing needs, locally, nationally and/or worldwide. You will not find a more competent recruiting/employment organization than Management Recruiters/OM5 of Miami-North. Why don't you allow us to prove our services by calling us at 305-264-4212 or by contacting us at our e-mail address

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